Oct 5, 2016

Steeped Tea Advent Calendar

These went FAST!  They sold out in 12 hours.  On the plus side, they will be an annual event and they will order triple the thousands they did this year!  Let me know and I will put you on my VIP list to get advance notice next Year!

Introducing the NEW 
24 Steeps 'till Christmas!  

Advent Calendar with 24 tea samples from Steeped Tea. Makes a perfect gift!

24 Steeps 'till Christmas

Hosts and Customers, here is a fun way to 
count down the days until Christmas with a tea a day! 
In fact, it's "a cup for me, a cup for you; 
we made each tin for two!"
Cost $55

24 Steeps 'till Christmas Advent Calendar is the ultimate collection of tea samplesWhat is it?

is the ultimate collection
24 samples; each tin makes two cups of tea!
No artificial flavors and no added sugar
Custom designed gift box with magnetic lid

The Advent Calendar is available from 
October 5th, 8:30 pm EST 
while quantities last. 
Two servings per tin. 

Retail price $55 plus shipping and tax. 24 teas. 
Box has fold-up, magnetic top.

24 Steeps 'till Christmas tea sampler includes: Christmas Chai,  Kiwi Passion Fruit, Maraschino Cherry,  Turmeric `N Spice, White Chocolate Soufflé,  Peach Caramel Cobbler,  Creamy Milk Oolong,  Drop That Sweet Beet, Peppy Peppermint,  Stress Reliever

Christmas Chai 
Kiwi Passion Fruit 
Maraschino Cherry 
Turmeric `N Spice
White Chocolate Souffl é 
Peach Caramel Cobbler 
Creamy Milk Oolong 
Drop That Sweet Beet
Peppy Peppermint 
Stress Reliever 

24 Steeps 'till Christmas tea sampler includes: Earl Grey de la Crème,  Harvest Spice, Winter Sangria, Sleepy Chai, Feel Good Fennel,  Berry Mania, Very Cranberry,  Mint Chocolate Chip, Cocoa Mint,  Chocolate Date Night, Crème Carmello,  Wintermint,  Zinger Ginger,  Egg Noggin’

Earl Grey de la Crème 
Harvest Spice
Winter Sangria 
Sleepy Chai 
Feel Good Fennel 
Berry Mania
Very Cranberry 
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Cocoa Mint 
Chocolate Date Night
Crème Carmello 
Zinger Ginger 
Egg Noggin’

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