Sep 14, 2016

September Specials - Pumpkin Matcha!

Pumpkin Matcha & More - Limited Time

Pumpkin Matcha!!!  Yes!  It is back!  So awesome in cold water with a bit of Italian Sweet Cream! Get this amazing special for $26 with ANY Steeped Tea Purchase.  With the Pumpkin Matcha is the Fall Harvest Mug and Jack O'Lantern Stacking Tea Tin!  
Scroll below to see my super special!

Pumpkin Matcha & More bundle: 30% OFF for every buying customer*

September Free Tea with a $50 purchase is 
Raspberry Cream Earl Grey!!!  

Steeped Tea customer special for September 2016: free tea when you spend $50, Raspberry Cream Earl Grey (black tea)

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September SPECIAL! 
Buy anything pumpkin in the catalog or specials and you will be entered into a draw for a FREE September Customer Special Pumpkin Matcha, Fall Harvest Mug and Jack O'Lantern Stacking Tea Tin! 
Call me to order so I can get you cheaper shipping!  
**Only available from Cathy Plotnick** 

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