Sep 30, 2016

October Specials

It is the season for Pumpkin 
and Butter Cream Carrot Cake!  
Check out the AMAZING October Specials!

Leaves Are Falling, 
Teas Are Calling Collection

Steeped Tea collection for fall

Leaves are Falling, Teas are Calling
The Fall Collection
NEW Buttercream Carrot Cake, Fruit Tea
Tonia’s Pumpkin Matcha, Green Tea
Chocolate Pumpkin Chai, Black Tea
Peach Caramel Cobbler, Rooibos Tea
Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Mix
50 Steeping Sacks
Regular: $39/Special: $27 with any purchase

30% off the October special tea collection for every buying customer

FREE  TEA in October is 
Chocolate Pumpkin Chai!  
One of my all time faves!!  Spend $50 on any order (before taxes and shipping), and get a 
25g bag of Chocolate Pumpkin Chai Black Tea FREE!

Free Tea when you spend $50 in October 2016

Sep 22, 2016

Thin Mint Delight!

Thin Mint Delight - tea drink recipeCrisp Fall days are just around the corner!  Warm up with Thin Mint Delight with Steeped Tea Inc​'s Cocoa Mint Tea!  

Amp it up with Baileys or Chocolate Mint Liqueur!  
Cocoa Mint, 3.52 oz 
(100 g)

Just like the rich chocolate thin mint, this tea is great after a meal!

I served this at a party on Saturday and it is amazing!!  It tastes like hot chocolate! Hostess used Simply Hershey chocolate syrup. 

Black Tea leaves

Cocoa Mint Black Tea

Ingredients: Black tea, blackberry leaves, peppermint leaves, natural flavors.
Price: $12.50

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Sep 15, 2016

Gingerbread Pu'erh is Back!

Gingerbread Pu'erh tea - limited time

Gingerbread Pu'erh! 

Gingerbread Pu'erh tea - limited time
Cinnamon, almonds, peppercorns, oh my! Guess who's back early by popular demand?! 

Gingerbread Pu'erh is available for a limited time only! 

From Friday, September 16th 12:00 AM PST until Friday, September 30th 11:59 PM PST, get this spicy and smooth tea.

Sep 14, 2016

September Specials - Pumpkin Matcha!

Pumpkin Matcha & More - Limited Time

Pumpkin Matcha!!!  Yes!  It is back!  So awesome in cold water with a bit of Italian Sweet Cream! Get this amazing special for $26 with ANY Steeped Tea Purchase.  With the Pumpkin Matcha is the Fall Harvest Mug and Jack O'Lantern Stacking Tea Tin!  
Scroll below to see my super special!

Pumpkin Matcha & More bundle: 30% OFF for every buying customer*

September Free Tea with a $50 purchase is 
Raspberry Cream Earl Grey!!!  

Steeped Tea customer special for September 2016: free tea when you spend $50, Raspberry Cream Earl Grey (black tea)

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September SPECIAL! 
Buy anything pumpkin in the catalog or specials and you will be entered into a draw for a FREE September Customer Special Pumpkin Matcha, Fall Harvest Mug and Jack O'Lantern Stacking Tea Tin! 
Call me to order so I can get you cheaper shipping!  
**Only available from Cathy Plotnick** 

Sep 2, 2016


September Host Award is super amazing!!!  Who wants a Personalized Pop Top Tumbler for $20????  It's EASY to get!  Book your Sept Party with $400 in sales and you can earn the Personalized Pop Top Tumbler for $20!!  How fun is that?