Jul 15, 2016

Incentives Galore!

Maui Baby!

My life changed when I joined Steeped Tea. I have met incredible hosts, customers and team members I otherwise would have never met had I not joined. Thank you to all my hosts, customers, team members who without you, I wouldn't earn this FABULOUS Trip for one with Airfare to Hawaii! Now, I am just over 500 points away from the trip for 2!  I WILL earn it!

You can. You will.Plan it. Earn it.

Cathy Plotnick earned airfare to Hawaii for selling Steeped Tea

I also earned this GORGEOUS 
Swarovski necklace!  

Swarovski necklace award from Steeped Tea

The list goes on for what I have earned as a 
Steeped Tea Consultant!  

Aloha Carafe and Steeped Tea Tote!

Steeped Tea Tote loaded with everything you need to party
ParTEA Carafe from Steeped TeaParTEA Carafe from Steeped Tea

Dress for Success Leather Jacket
and Velveteen Scarf

Dress for Success Leather Jacket and Velveteen Scarf from Steeped Tea

Alice Tea Cup and Buzzin 
Beehive Tumbler

Alice Tea Cup from Steeped Tea
Buzzin Beehive Tumbler from Steeped Tea

Trip for two to Jamaica

Cathy Plotnick earned a trip for two to Jamaica for selling Steeped Tea

Want to earn trips, jewelry and other awards like I do?  JOIN MY TEAM and I can help you earn it too!

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