Jan 4, 2013

6 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea

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The health benefits of matcha tea are many, which is why so many different people are looking for delicious recipes. Adding this green powder to your life can help give you more energy, reduce stress, lower cholesterol and, according to some, reduce your likelihood of cancer. Because matcha is a concentrated green tea, you need to find matcha recipes that you can enjoy. Here are a few matcha powder recipes to help you start incorporating this healthy powder in your life:

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Baked Goods Are you looking for a healthy twist on cupcakes and carrot cake? By adding matcha, you can do just that. You can make a matcha buttercream icing to put on your cupcakes. This will help turn a no-no snack into a yes-yes snack! You will likely notice an increase in energy and a few of the other benefits of matcha tea powder.

Breakfast Matcha is a great way to start off your morning too. You can brew the powder for a classic matcha tea or you can add the tea powder to yogurt or breakfast smoothies. If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, consider the Smashed Green Goddess on Toast from the Steeped Tea recipe blog. This yummy breakfast gives you kale, grainy bread, avocado, eggs and matcha in the morning. This and the other wonderful matcha recipes will help you get your morning started off right. Drinks Drinking matcha is the obvious route, however you don’t have to just have the regular tea. You can make mojitos, lemonade and a fun slush. Even the plain tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. You can do so much to enjoy the health benefits of matcha tea while also enjoying great taste. Main Meals You can even find matcha recipes for main meals. Whether you want to make a Tea-Crusted Chicken or just sprinkle it on your salads, there are some great ways to enjoy this tasty tea. Eating healthy does not have to mean you can’t enjoy your food.

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Side Dishes
Another great idea is to try Matcha Rice or a dressing for your side salad. This type of recipe will still ensure that you enjoy the health benefits of matcha tea while getting a wide range of food.

For many people, snacking is a vice. If you can’t help but snack, you can make smart snacking choices. You can make Matcha Bark, Spicy Matcha Popcorn, Matcha Yogurt Snack Sticks and even Vanilla Matcha Ice Cream. One great thing about snacking on matcha is that it will help you want to eat less. Matcha tea recipes are as endless as your imagination if you’re willing to try something new. The thing about any matcha powder recipes is that you will be able to enjoy a tasty treat or meal while eating something packed with antioxidants. The health benefits of matcha tea include lots of fiber, high level of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, metabolism boost, boost to immune system, added energy, reduced stress and so much more. Hop on the matcha train by adding it to your drinks and other delicious recipes.

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