Nov 4, 2015

What You Should Know About Fair Trade and Steeped Tea

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Fair trade is one of those buzz phrases that most people have seen or heard, but few know what actually means. It is not, however, something taken lightly or simply for “buzz” at the Steeped Tea company as it is considered an important part of the product. Here is what you should know about fair trade tea.

Pricing, Labor Conditions, and Trade

When an item is certified as fair trade, it is guaranteed to be purchased at a minimum base rate. This amount increases when the tea is also able to be certified as organic. The workers are paid a proper living wage. Labor conditions are also taken into consideration with safe work environments provided at all times, no forced labor, and no child labor involved. Direct trade from the supplier is the preferred method of purchase by importers, which results in the farmers receiving a larger financial gain. With no secondary company brokering the trade, profits are maximized.

Environmental Sustainability

The purchase of fair trade tea such as that offered by the Steeped Tea company, goes hand-in-hand with eco responsibility. Sustainable farming methods include restrictions in regards to chemical pesticides and fertilizers as well as a ban in the use of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, during production. Agricultural diversification and erosion control are promoted and water and energy resources are protected. The working environment is kept as healthy and properly maintained as possible to ensure the best conditions for both the people and the earth.

Community Development

Fair trade supports the people in the surrounding community by encouraging a constant growth in development. Premiums are often invested into community projects such as scholarships, training, and over all betterment of the area in which the tea is produced.

Fair trade tea allows products to be made and purchased with integrity and transparency, which is reflected in the positive Steeped Tea reviews. The Steeped Tea company offers a high quality selection of goods that it can confidently stand behind.

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