May 6, 2013

The Buzz about Caffeine in Tea

~ An "About Series" Post ~

This article answers many common questions about Caffeine and Tea.  A very good read!

Can I decaffeinate my tea at home in 30 Seconds?

Does green tea have less caffeine than black tea?
Does tea contain more caffeine than coffee?
Is tea caffeine different from coffee caffeine?
Which tea should I drink if I want a lot of caffeine?
What should I drink if I cannot tolerate caffeine? 

Text by by Bruce Richardson

With tea consumption on the rise, more and more tea drinkers want to know all about tea and caffeine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of caffeine myths that need to be unlearned. Here are a few of the questions I am often asked about caffeine:  

Can I decaffeinate my tea at home in 30 seconds?  NO!  Read on....

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