Sep 29, 2015

October Specials

FREE Vanilla Maple Cinnamon with 
$50 (before taxes and shipping) purchase!

Spend just $10 more for the opportunity to purchase one of 3 very popular customer exclusives for $15 - up to 68% off - for every $60 spent!! 

Who wants Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate or the New Shake Your Matcha Shaker OR delicious Pumpkin Matcha?  Check out each of these awesome Customer Exclusives.  Available in OCTOBER only with a $60 purchase!  
Choose one with each $60 purchase.  

 OCTOBER Host Exclusives!

Get that Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler you have been eyeing for the last few months OR Shake your Matcha wiht the new Matcha Shaker!  Want BOTH?  Have a $500+ ParTEA and have the chance to buy both at a significant discount!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Steeped Tea will donate $2 from every "PINK" Steeped Tea Item to Breast Cancer Research!

Sep 25, 2015

Steeped Tea Opportunity

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose AND even more to gain with the Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler BONUS.  The Kit value alone is worth about $250 and you receive everything you need to start your business.

What do you have to lose???Nothing!!  If you have been on the fence about taking the leap, now is the time to Just.Do.It! Not only will you get all these goodies, but  you will get guidance and mentorship from the #2 Sales and #3 Recruiting Steeped Tea Consultant in the US!    

Coming in October!!!

NEW Success Start Programme that is EASIER to earn freebies!   Want to earn a PERSONALIZED Smokin' Lime Pop top Tumbler? Join my team in Sept or Oct and sell $750 in your first 30 days and you will earn the personalized Tumbler!

Also in October - the Starter Bonus will be discontinued to make room for the even better Success Start Programme!  Joining in Sept is your BEST deal!  You will get the Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler plus automatic enrollment in the NEW Success Start Programme!

Green Tea and Matcha


If you are a green tea lover and drink for health reasons, then consider switching to MATCHA!

Green Tea is incredibly good for you!  Check out this article on why it is a healthy choice, 

how to drink and prepare it!

Now, after checking that out, find out 
how MATCHA is even BETTER than Green Tea!

Many people drink green tea for health reasons, and it's no wonder. This beverage is a superstar when it comes to antioxidant levels, and is being studied for its potentially curative properties on multiple health concerns, whether it's staving off the aging process or fighting cancer.

Go Big: Go Matcha

If you really want to up the ante, it's time to consider switching from green tea to matcha. Now, matcha is still green tea, but it's the entire leaf of camellia sinensis that's been ground up, as opposed to the brew created from steeping the tea leaves in hot or cold water. So when you drink matcha, you're actually ingesting the entire green tea leaf.
Read on:  Go Matcha! Go BIG!

Steeped Tea Matcha is PREMIUM MATCHA! No chemicals, No pesticides, NO GMO's!  

Try one of Steeped Tea has SEVEN 
delicious Matcha Flavours.  
100g size for $35, 200g size for $60.

Sep 8, 2015

Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea!

Temperature and Brewing 
Time Matter!  
Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea 

Sep 6, 2015

September 2015 Specials


UNBELIEVABLE Customer Exclusive that is 65% off;
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Book a September Party, for each guest that spends $60, they get to choose one of these fabulous kits for $15!! 
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PLUS you get the FREE Tea for September, 25g bag of Cinnamon Hearts Pu-erh!!

Want all three?  Spend $180 and get one of EACH Customer Exclusive!


Book and hold a September Tea Tasting with $500 in retail sales plus 8 buying guests and you will get these

Our hosts always get extra special items for inviting  their friends over for a tea tasting.   Choose one of Host A or Host B for a party up to $499.   Choose BOTH for a party over $500!! 

Join a Seasoned Award Earning Team! 

Have you been thinking of joining my Team?  Are you looking for a home business?  Do you love Tea? When you join my Steeped Tea Team, you get a seasoned Senior Group Leader who is a Member of The Steeped Tea Circle of Excellence, the highest award Steeped Tea offers; who was also #2 in Sales, #3 in Recruiting in the US,  and earned a trip for two to Jamaica.  Next trip is Maui in 2017! Want to go?? 
I can show you how to earn it!

When you join Steeped Tea in Sept, not only do you get the fabulous products in your Starter Kit for $99, everything you need to get started, you also get this BONUS Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler FREE!