Jun 28, 2015

July Specials

Steeped Tea Has some INCREDIBLE specials in July! 

This Customer Special of NEW Lemonatcha and NEW Perfect Cup of Matcha Spoon is available in advance of the NEW catalog coming out in August!   This is a SUPER deal considering the 100g tin of Matcha is $35 on its own and the spoon is added ALL for $30!  

Spend $50 before taxes and shipping and get a FREE bag of Earl Grey de la Creme GREEN tea! 

Steeped Tea takes great care of their hosts with Monthly special HOST EXCLUSIVE bundles at a significant discount. Get great deals only for hostesses on the Uptown Tumber with 3 bags of fruit teas for only $38!  The Uptown Tumbler itself is $29! 

Stock up on some fabulous teas iwth the Host A special with the Glass Teapot and 4 bags of tea!  A savings of 40%!

Join my team in July and as an added bonus, receive this AWESOME Ruba Lime Green Teapot IN ADDITION to your Starter Kit!

Jun 21, 2015

Steeped Tea Premium Vanilla Matcha

Our Picnic Pint was SO popular, it sold out in 11 days!   Steeped Tea is so fantastic, they have substituted NEW Vanilla Matcha, coming out in the August Catalog as the June Customer Special for only $10 for the NEW 40g package!!!

This Vanilla Matcha is a SMOKIN' DOOZY of a DEAL!  It will be $14.95 for 40g package in the new August Catalog and $35 for the 100g tin.  But now, it is only $10 for 40 servings compared to $35 for 100 servings in August!  If you get three of these packages, you get 120g of Vanilla Matcha for $30 compared to 100g for $35 in the NEW August Catalog! 

Stock up now at this incredible price!  Call or PM me to order and you will get cheaper shipping than ordering online!

Jun 2, 2015

June 2015 Specials


I'm SO excited about our AWESOME June Specials!   So much so, I will be placing weekly orders in June! I LOVE the Keywest Brew Mugs Set of two mugs PLUS a bag of After Eight Black tea all for $37!  The regular price for two cups alone is $46!  Each cup comes with a very generously sized brew basket that sits inside the cup and a lid/coaster.


I will be placing weekly orders in June and for every $250 in orders, and will be drawing from each order for mystery host benefits! AKA Someone who orders from each $250 weekly order I place will WIN the hostess benefits!! That is FREE product Credit and choice of half price items!


These are REALLY popular and ONLY available in JUNE while supplies last!

SOLD OUT!!! Need fabulous beverage containers for the cabin this summer? Want to keep your drinks cold and bug free with the lid and straw! THIS IS IT!!!

Buy a set so everyone has their own cup, they can put their name on it!

BONUS: For every 2 you buy you get entered into a draw to win another one from me for FREE! Order 4, get 2 entries!

Let me know ASAP how may you would like me to order for you! Remember only for June and only while supplies last! How many do you want???

Spend $50 before taxes and shipping and get a bag of  Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos Tea FREE!


You can get the fabulous Key West Brew Mugs for a super low price AND the Picnic pint, for every two you buy, you are entered into a draw to win one FREE!

Lastly, you can't ignore The Gift of the Grill!  

It is everything you need for a complete grilling meal, right down to the beverages for $23!    The Garlic Chili Cheeseball is AMAZING! Try it on new potatoes mixed in with the butter!  TDF!