Feb 23, 2015

Smoky Tea-Aki Rub Recipes

The great thing about Steeped Tea is we don't JUST have tea.  We have dips and rubs that also contain tea that add wonderful flavour to your everyday cooking.  Take for example, Smoky Tea Aki Rub!  It has a nice kick to it and I frequently make the chicken marinade on the package: 

Smoky Tea-Aki Chicken
2 tsp Smoky Tea Aki Rub
1 TB Olive Oil
1 TB Balsamic (even better with flavoured balsamic - be creative!)
1 tsp Brown Sugar OR Agave

Blend all ingredients together. Marinate Chicken and grill or bake.  Made this for my husband with skin on thighs and he said it was THE best chicken I have ever made! 

Smoky Tea-aki Barbeque Sauce

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1 can (14.5 oz) Diced tomatoes (do not drain)
1 can (6 oz.) Tomato paste
6 oz. Water
½ cup Brown sugar
1 tbsp. Mustard
½ cup Grape jelly
2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp. Low-sodium soy sauce
3 tbsp. Lemon juice
3 tbsp Steeped Tea Smoky Tea-aki rub

Mix all ingredients together in a saucepan.
Bring sauce to a boil, stirring constantly.  
Once the sauce is at a boil, put on low and allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes.
Stir occasionally.
If sauce is too thick, add water.

Smoky Tea-Aki Sweet Potato Crisps

One of my fellow Steeped Tea Consultants created this recipe and gave her permission to share it!

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