Dec 15, 2015

Ginger Tea Benefits

~ An "About Series" Post ~

Whether you drink tea for the taste or just to warm yourself up on a cold day, there are plenty of other advantages to be gained. The specific benefits you can get will depend largely on the type of tea you drink, and you should definitely think about drinking Zingy Ginger tea or Steeped Tea. With so many health benefits of ginger tea, it is no wonder why a ton of people are hopping on board the idea of drinking tea with more frequency. 

Better Immunity

Getting sick can be a major hindrance within your professional and social life. You should do everything in your power to avoid coming down with something in the first place, and ginger tea can really work wonders in that department. It strengthens your immune system through the presence of antioxidants that work hard to defend against infections.

Reduced Stress

Many people consider drinking tea to be very soothing and relaxing. Ginger tea can help lower any tension you might be experiencing through the healing properties found within the beverage. The strong aroma has also been linked to helping in this area.

Improved Circulation

Since ginger tea is such a warm beverage, it assists with circulating blood throughout your body. When your blood is more easily to flow through your veins, it is more efficient at delivering mineral, vitamins and other essential nutrients to where they need to go. Ginger is also a useful ingredient for preventing fat from building up. This helps in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

Enhanced Digestive System

Numerous people experience bloating after eating a lot of food, which can make you feel awfully yucky on the inside. Ginger tea assist with the absorption of food, so you feel a lot better. It is also a great drink in the event you start feeling nauseous. If you know you are about to go on a boat or plane and know that you are prone to motion sickness, then it is highly suggested that you drink a cup of zingy ginger tea beforehand. It can help you feel much better on your next big trip.

Fights Respiratory Issues

Whether you are feeling congested due to having a cold or if it is a result of the environment you are in, you can drink ginger tea to clear everything up. If you are experiencing joint or muscles issues, then it is also great for alleviating some of the discomfort. In addition to helping you fight off the symptoms associated with the common cold, it is also great in case you have influenza or cold sores. 

The ginger root is a powerful ingredient for promoting numerous benefits within the body. Many of the advantages mentioned above are the result of powerful oils found within the tea such as gingerols, shogaols and zingerone. These are potent anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents, so part of your healing regimen should definitely consist of drinking ginger tea on a daily basis. 

The health benefits of ginger tea are associated with Steeped Tea's ginger teas, so order yourself something delicious and healthy today!

Nov 28, 2015

Steeped Tea Conference June 2016

Steeped Tea Conference is the highlight of the year!  Not only do we get training and inside info about new products, we form friendships with consultants from all across North America!

I was greatly honoured at conference last June!  I was awarded for #2 in Sales and #3 in Recruiting for the US and The Circle of Excellence in Recruiting, the highest award Steeped Tea offers.  

Check out the fun at conference and you 
will see someone you recognize in this video!

Interested in the Steeped Tea opportunitea?  Do you want to be honoured, awarded and earn trips?  Call or PM me!

Nov 25, 2015


Here it is - Steeped Tea Black Friday!

Steeped Tea will have a Black Friday event THURSDAY NOV 26 11PM CENTRAL  (12AM EASTERN, 10PM MOUNTAIN, 9PM PACIFIC) We have some great deals for you!

Since many of you will be with family, I will enter orders for you. Please keep in mind, quantities are extremely limited and I will do my best to get everything you want, but there is no guarantee things won't sell out. Items sold out VERY fast last year and I have no doubt they will again this year.

Alternatively, You can go to my website to submit your order. To avoid disappointment, I suggest you get there right the minute the sale starts b/c many items will sell out fast

I must receive your ORDER and PAYMENT by THURSDAY, NOV 26 at 8PM CENTRAL TIME. Please call or email ASAP with your order and payment. I don't mind you calling me on TG Day, although, the sooner the better! Check out the deals ASAP, call or email me with your order and payment and I will take care of the rest!

Nov 16, 2015

November 2015 Steeped Tea Specials

Steeped Tea has FABULOUS specials for November!  Our Customer Exclusives will make fun holiday gifts for friends and family for only $12!

Spend $50 and get White Chocolate Souffle Rooibos Tea FREE!

Our Customer Exclusives are great gift options for the tea lover on your list!  The Holiday Collection is regularly $35 for $12 with a $65 purchase!  Have a Matcha Lover on your list?  Deck the Halls is the perfect gift that comes in a holiday ornament!  Finally, who wouldn't love Gingerbread Pu'erh Tea?  It is absolutely decadent?  You can get it only in the Teas' the Season Customer Exclusive for $12 with a Tea tin, Cup Spoon and Pyramid Infuser!

Host a November party and you could earn the chance to order one or BOTH of these Host Exclusives at a significan discount!  Host B is the only other way to get Gingerbread Pu'erh Tea!

Nov 4, 2015

What You Should Know About Fair Trade and Steeped Tea

~ An "About Series" Post ~

Fair trade is one of those buzz phrases that most people have seen or heard, but few know what actually means. It is not, however, something taken lightly or simply for “buzz” at the Steeped Tea company as it is considered an important part of the product. Here is what you should know about fair trade tea.

Pricing, Labor Conditions, and Trade

When an item is certified as fair trade, it is guaranteed to be purchased at a minimum base rate. This amount increases when the tea is also able to be certified as organic. The workers are paid a proper living wage. Labor conditions are also taken into consideration with safe work environments provided at all times, no forced labor, and no child labor involved. Direct trade from the supplier is the preferred method of purchase by importers, which results in the farmers receiving a larger financial gain. With no secondary company brokering the trade, profits are maximized.

Environmental Sustainability

The purchase of fair trade tea such as that offered by the Steeped Tea company, goes hand-in-hand with eco responsibility. Sustainable farming methods include restrictions in regards to chemical pesticides and fertilizers as well as a ban in the use of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, during production. Agricultural diversification and erosion control are promoted and water and energy resources are protected. The working environment is kept as healthy and properly maintained as possible to ensure the best conditions for both the people and the earth.

Community Development

Fair trade supports the people in the surrounding community by encouraging a constant growth in development. Premiums are often invested into community projects such as scholarships, training, and over all betterment of the area in which the tea is produced.

Fair trade tea allows products to be made and purchased with integrity and transparency, which is reflected in the positive Steeped Tea reviews. The Steeped Tea company offers a high quality selection of goods that it can confidently stand behind.

Contact Cathy Plotnick, The ParTea Lady, to learn more about Fair Trade Tea.

Nov 1, 2015

Join Steeped Tea with Cathy Plotnick - A Top Sales Leader

~ An "About Series" Post ~

If you are interested in becoming a Steeped Tea consultant, you'll never regret joining under the leadership of Cathy Plotnick. She has proven results in sales and is waiting to help you in your new business. In fact, there are several things to consider when you are starting a new business, and here are a few of the top things to keep in mind.

Product Quality
When you are starting a business that involves selling a product, you want to be sure that the quality is top notch. With Steeped Tea, you get a variety of tea blends for every palate. Plus, each and every blend of tea has no pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs.

Sales Support
No matter how great a product you have, if you want to run a business, you want to be able to sell it, not just share it. Every new business owner benefits from being trained by people who have done it already. As the Steeped Tea consultant who is in #2 in sales in the U.S., Cathy Plotnick can help you be successful too.

Proven Techniques
Not everyone is a born a salesperson. But anyone who enjoys sharing with his or her friends can host a “ParTea”. When you taste these fabulous blends yourself, you will want to share them. Each time you do so, and your friends decide they want to take some home for themselves, your business will grow. As a top sales consultant, Cathy can show you how to succeed from the start.

Being a Steeped Tea consultant is a great way to make a little money on the side or to start your own profitable home business. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to or can’t be out of the home all day, or who just have that entrepreneurial spirit. It’s amazing how doing something you enjoy and making your own hours can give you a new lease on life.

Oct 8, 2015

Great Honour

I was greatly honoured this past weekend by my fellow Polka Dot Powerhouse Members as Business Woman of the Year at our Annual Celebration Conference. I am so grateful for everyone who chose me and I couldn't have done it without the business I love, Steeped Tea and the wonderful support and encouragement from my beloved Dots.  I will do my very best to live up to this huge honour.

If you are looking for a fabulous networking group, check out Polka Dot Powerhouse.  It has changed my life! It is much more than a networking group.  It is about personal connections and supporting others in their achievements.   I love the connections I have made, I love the great things that are happening to me by focusing on the positive, associating with action forward women who encourage and support me.   I love how I have grown and excelled in my business! I am so honoured to be in the company of such esteemed women in business!

Sep 29, 2015

October Specials

FREE Vanilla Maple Cinnamon with 
$50 (before taxes and shipping) purchase!

Spend just $10 more for the opportunity to purchase one of 3 very popular customer exclusives for $15 - up to 68% off - for every $60 spent!! 

Who wants Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate or the New Shake Your Matcha Shaker OR delicious Pumpkin Matcha?  Check out each of these awesome Customer Exclusives.  Available in OCTOBER only with a $60 purchase!  
Choose one with each $60 purchase.  

 OCTOBER Host Exclusives!

Get that Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler you have been eyeing for the last few months OR Shake your Matcha wiht the new Matcha Shaker!  Want BOTH?  Have a $500+ ParTEA and have the chance to buy both at a significant discount!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Steeped Tea will donate $2 from every "PINK" Steeped Tea Item to Breast Cancer Research!

Sep 25, 2015

Steeped Tea Opportunity

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose AND even more to gain with the Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler BONUS.  The Kit value alone is worth about $250 and you receive everything you need to start your business.

What do you have to lose???Nothing!!  If you have been on the fence about taking the leap, now is the time to Just.Do.It! Not only will you get all these goodies, but  you will get guidance and mentorship from the #2 Sales and #3 Recruiting Steeped Tea Consultant in the US!    

Coming in October!!!

NEW Success Start Programme that is EASIER to earn freebies!   Want to earn a PERSONALIZED Smokin' Lime Pop top Tumbler? Join my team in Sept or Oct and sell $750 in your first 30 days and you will earn the personalized Tumbler!

Also in October - the Starter Bonus will be discontinued to make room for the even better Success Start Programme!  Joining in Sept is your BEST deal!  You will get the Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler plus automatic enrollment in the NEW Success Start Programme!

Green Tea and Matcha


If you are a green tea lover and drink for health reasons, then consider switching to MATCHA!

Green Tea is incredibly good for you!  Check out this article on why it is a healthy choice, 

how to drink and prepare it!

Now, after checking that out, find out 
how MATCHA is even BETTER than Green Tea!

Many people drink green tea for health reasons, and it's no wonder. This beverage is a superstar when it comes to antioxidant levels, and is being studied for its potentially curative properties on multiple health concerns, whether it's staving off the aging process or fighting cancer.

Go Big: Go Matcha

If you really want to up the ante, it's time to consider switching from green tea to matcha. Now, matcha is still green tea, but it's the entire leaf of camellia sinensis that's been ground up, as opposed to the brew created from steeping the tea leaves in hot or cold water. So when you drink matcha, you're actually ingesting the entire green tea leaf.
Read on:  Go Matcha! Go BIG!

Steeped Tea Matcha is PREMIUM MATCHA! No chemicals, No pesticides, NO GMO's!  

Try one of Steeped Tea has SEVEN 
delicious Matcha Flavours.  
100g size for $35, 200g size for $60.

Sep 8, 2015

Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea!

Temperature and Brewing 
Time Matter!  
Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea 

Sep 6, 2015

September 2015 Specials


UNBELIEVABLE Customer Exclusive that is 65% off;
your friends are going to love it!

Book a September Party, for each guest that spends $60, they get to choose one of these fabulous kits for $15!! 
That is  65% OFF! 
PLUS you get the FREE Tea for September, 25g bag of Cinnamon Hearts Pu-erh!!

Want all three?  Spend $180 and get one of EACH Customer Exclusive!


Book and hold a September Tea Tasting with $500 in retail sales plus 8 buying guests and you will get these

Our hosts always get extra special items for inviting  their friends over for a tea tasting.   Choose one of Host A or Host B for a party up to $499.   Choose BOTH for a party over $500!! 

Join a Seasoned Award Earning Team! 

Have you been thinking of joining my Team?  Are you looking for a home business?  Do you love Tea? When you join my Steeped Tea Team, you get a seasoned Senior Group Leader who is a Member of The Steeped Tea Circle of Excellence, the highest award Steeped Tea offers; who was also #2 in Sales, #3 in Recruiting in the US,  and earned a trip for two to Jamaica.  Next trip is Maui in 2017! Want to go?? 
I can show you how to earn it!

When you join Steeped Tea in Sept, not only do you get the fabulous products in your Starter Kit for $99, everything you need to get started, you also get this BONUS Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler FREE!  

Aug 6, 2015

Fall Winter 2015 Catalog

The NEW Catalog is out!  My calendar is already filling up with August and September Parties and booking into October!  If you want to book a party, call or email me to book!  Don't miss out!

View the NEW Catalog HERE!!

Jul 19, 2015

Vault 20% OFF

Don't miss out on these fabulous items going into the Vault - some never to return.  Better yet, get 20% off now through Sunday, July 26 11:59 PM PST. 


The Pop Top Tumbler keeps you tea hot or cold for HOURS.  Made of double walled Stainless steel, with a built in removable fine mesh infusor, you will never go back to any other brand again.  ONLY the pink Pop Top is on the Vault List and once it is gone... it is GONE forever.  REG $40, now $32.

The Key West Brew Mugs are 16 oz of tea bliss!  Comes with a huge infusion basket with coaster/lid.  Comes in Orange and Teal.   Regular $23 NOW $18.40.  These WILL sell out!  


Don't forget to check out the other items on the Vault List!  Only SOME are seasonal, but most are going to be gone forever!  Stock up NOW on your faves!


Jun 28, 2015

July Specials

Steeped Tea Has some INCREDIBLE specials in July! 

This Customer Special of NEW Lemonatcha and NEW Perfect Cup of Matcha Spoon is available in advance of the NEW catalog coming out in August!   This is a SUPER deal considering the 100g tin of Matcha is $35 on its own and the spoon is added ALL for $30!  

Spend $50 before taxes and shipping and get a FREE bag of Earl Grey de la Creme GREEN tea! 

Steeped Tea takes great care of their hosts with Monthly special HOST EXCLUSIVE bundles at a significant discount. Get great deals only for hostesses on the Uptown Tumber with 3 bags of fruit teas for only $38!  The Uptown Tumbler itself is $29! 

Stock up on some fabulous teas iwth the Host A special with the Glass Teapot and 4 bags of tea!  A savings of 40%!

Join my team in July and as an added bonus, receive this AWESOME Ruba Lime Green Teapot IN ADDITION to your Starter Kit!

Jun 21, 2015

Steeped Tea Premium Vanilla Matcha

Our Picnic Pint was SO popular, it sold out in 11 days!   Steeped Tea is so fantastic, they have substituted NEW Vanilla Matcha, coming out in the August Catalog as the June Customer Special for only $10 for the NEW 40g package!!!

This Vanilla Matcha is a SMOKIN' DOOZY of a DEAL!  It will be $14.95 for 40g package in the new August Catalog and $35 for the 100g tin.  But now, it is only $10 for 40 servings compared to $35 for 100 servings in August!  If you get three of these packages, you get 120g of Vanilla Matcha for $30 compared to 100g for $35 in the NEW August Catalog! 

Stock up now at this incredible price!  Call or PM me to order and you will get cheaper shipping than ordering online!

Jun 2, 2015

June 2015 Specials


I'm SO excited about our AWESOME June Specials!   So much so, I will be placing weekly orders in June! I LOVE the Keywest Brew Mugs Set of two mugs PLUS a bag of After Eight Black tea all for $37!  The regular price for two cups alone is $46!  Each cup comes with a very generously sized brew basket that sits inside the cup and a lid/coaster.


I will be placing weekly orders in June and for every $250 in orders, and will be drawing from each order for mystery host benefits! AKA Someone who orders from each $250 weekly order I place will WIN the hostess benefits!! That is FREE product Credit and choice of half price items!


These are REALLY popular and ONLY available in JUNE while supplies last!

SOLD OUT!!! Need fabulous beverage containers for the cabin this summer? Want to keep your drinks cold and bug free with the lid and straw! THIS IS IT!!!

Buy a set so everyone has their own cup, they can put their name on it!

BONUS: For every 2 you buy you get entered into a draw to win another one from me for FREE! Order 4, get 2 entries!

Let me know ASAP how may you would like me to order for you! Remember only for June and only while supplies last! How many do you want???

Spend $50 before taxes and shipping and get a bag of  Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos Tea FREE!


You can get the fabulous Key West Brew Mugs for a super low price AND the Picnic pint, for every two you buy, you are entered into a draw to win one FREE!

Lastly, you can't ignore The Gift of the Grill!  

It is everything you need for a complete grilling meal, right down to the beverages for $23!    The Garlic Chili Cheeseball is AMAZING! Try it on new potatoes mixed in with the butter!  TDF!